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About ICES

Companies as well as standards bodies need well-educated standardization experts. Standardization processes should keep up with the times. Who will progress the theory and practice of standardization? Will universities provide us with such people? My dream is that we cooperate to promote education about standardization and manage its realization.
John Hill, Standards Manager of Sun Microsystems.

To help realize this dream, John Hill took the initiative to meet up with invited experts on ‘The Future of Global Education in Standards' in Tokyo, February 6-8 2006. This meeting, which was hosted by CSK, ITSCJ and Sun Microsystems, turned out to be very fruitful. Several interesting education projects were presented. A salient point that came out of the meeting was that education about standardization is increasingly catching the attention of national governments (standardization education as an important strategic-economic asset), in particular in some Asian countries. (For the material which was distributed for the meeting, and an impression of the meeting please check Workshops section)

We therefore agreed to pursue the initiative and to meet yearly under the name of the International Cooperation for Education about Standardization (ICES).

For further information about ICES please consult ICES fact sheet (PDF).

Name International Cooperation for Education about Standardization
Short name ICES
Legal status Non-registered non-profit society

Knut Blind, Technical University Berlin, Germany, and Rotterdam School of Management, The Netherlands (chair)
Jeffrey Strauss, Northwestern University, USA (vice-chair)
Bambang Purwanggono, Diponegoro University, Indonesia (vice-chair)
Donggeun Choi, Korean Standards Association, Korea (immediate past chair)

*Secretariat: Korean Standards Association Dr. Donggeun Choi (