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About ICES

Companies as well as standards bodies need well-educated standardization experts. Standardization processes should keep up with the times. Who will progress the theory and practice of standardization? Will universities provide us with such people? My dream is that we cooperate to promote education about standardization and manage its realization.
John Hill, Standards Manager of Sun Microsystems.ICES

The International Cooperation on Education about Standardization (ICES) is a network of individuals and organizations interested in education about standardization. ICES is the only international organization with an exclusive focus on this area. ICES was established at a meeting in Tokyo in 6-8 February 2006 by people from industry, academia, and standards organizations. Since then other groups have joined (e.g. governments and government agencies, international standards bodies, standards consortia, etc.). ICES is a collaboration and unregistered non-profit organization.

The mission of ICES is to promote education about standardization and improve its quality and attractiveness for all stakeholders.

The objectives of ICES are to:
1. Develop and maintain an interdisciplinary network of people interested in education about standardization
2. Facilitate the development of policies and infrastructures to support education about standardization (e.g., in nations, regions, worldwide, industries, companies)
3. Seek cooperative relationships with organizations that provide training and education in this area
4. Professionalize education about standardization by, for example:
- Stimulating the development and exchange of models, guidelines, innovative approaches, and educational materials
- Tightening the link between up-to-date standardization research and education
- Facilitating a repository for curricula and educational materials
- Facilitating peer review of educational materials
- Organizing workshops

ICES offers a platform for exchanging information, collaboration and dissemination. It does so by organizing annual ICES conferences, occasional other programs and maintaining a website and email list. Workshops rotate between regions represented by co-chairs (currently Asia/Oceania, Europe/Africa and the Americas). Co-chairs serve for three years. In the year the conference is in his or her region the related co-chair become chair with responsibility for organizing the conference.

The conferences draw faculty and researchers from around the world with different disciplinary backgrounds, representatives from industry, national/regional/international standards bodies, and governmental agencies, who share an interest in standards education.

International Cooperation for Education about Standardization

Short name


Legal status
Non-registered non-profit society

ICES Board
Ivana Mijatovic (University of Belgrade, Serbia) Chair from Europe region (2018-2019)
Stephen Elliot (Purdue University, US) vice-chair from America region (to be 2019-2020 Chair)
Manabu Eto (Hitotsubashi University, Japan) vice-chair, from Asia region (to be 2020-2021 Chair)

*ICES Chairship starts in an annual ICES Membership meeting and finishes in the next Membership meeting.

Past ICES Board (Board Emeritus)
Bambang Purwanggono, Diponegoro University, Indonesia (2017-2018 immediate past chair)
Jeffrey Strauss, Northwestern University, USA (2016-2017 chair)
Knut Blind, Technical University Berlin, Germany (2015-2016 chair)
Donggeun Choi, Korean Standards Association, Korea (2014-2015 chair)
Erik Puskar, Program Manager, NIST, USA (2013-2014 chair) 
Henk de Vries, Associate Professor, RSM Erasmus University, Netherlands (2012-2013 chair)
Song Mingshun, Professor, China Jiliang University, China (2011-2012 chair)
John Hill (USA) (2010-2011 chair)
Tineke Egyedi (Netherlands) (2009-2010 chair)
Toshi Kurokawa (Japan) (2008-2009 chair)

Korean Standards Association (Secretary: Dr. Donggeun Choi)