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375 E. Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois USA

August 10 and August 11, 2017

Room RB 150

1. International Cooperation for Education about Standardization (ICES) Annual Meeting

Standards in Context:
Skill Requirements, Pedagogy and Research

August 10 8:15am -5:45 pm
doors open, registration 7:30, reception follows program)


Hosted by the Buffett Institute for Global Studies


Deere & Company, San Jose State University and ISO

Addressing underlying technical standards is increasingly critical in planning, teaching, and research.


The International Cooperation for Education about Standardization (ICES) is an informal international collaboration of individuals representing government, industry, academia, national and international standards bodies, and consortia that is dedicated to promoting education about standardization (including training for current and future standards professionals), improving its quality and attractiveness for all stakeholders, and stimulating dialogue and research. The collaboration benefits from the varying experience, processes, models and attention in education found in different global regions and considers the importance of dynamic and strategic, geographic, sector and teaching contexts in how standards are developed -indeed this is the focus of this year's program.


August 10, following last year's meeting in Frankfurt, Germany and the year before in Seoul, Korea, the ICES annual meeting rotates back to the US and will be held at the Northwestern University School of Law in downtown Chicago, Illinois. The program will consider standards education/ skill requirements expressed by industry, review a wide range of examples of standards content covered in engineering law, management and other courses and government training initiatives in multiple countries, and related research, and will then review pedagogical approaches including simulations and customized cases/modules. Thanks to sponsors, there is no charge but participation is limited.


Extending consideration of the importance of standards and coverage in education and featuring presentations from ISO, IEC, ITU, national standards organizations, other SDOs, universities and stakeholders:

2. World Standards Cooperation (WSC) Academic Day

The value of standards and education about standardization

August 11, 2017 8:30 (doors open) Program: 9:00am-4:30pm

Room RB 150


The World Standards Cooperation (WSC) was established in 2001 by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in order to strengthen and advance the voluntary consensus-based international standards systems of ITU, ISO, and IEC. The WSC also promotes the adoption and implementation of international consensus-based standards worldwide; and resolves any outstanding issues regarding cooperation in the technical work of the three organizations.


Further enhancing the value of attendance, we will also be coordinating with the IFAN (International Federation of Standards Users) and SES (Society of Standards Professionals) annual meetings which will be held August 7 and August 8-9 respectively in the nearby Drake Hotel, and August 9 will be a joint program of the 3 organizations. On August 9, Dave Felinski from IFAN and Jeff Strauss representing ICES and the Northwestern University Buffett Institute will be giving brief opening remarks that day followed by four panels of speakers in the following areas: Balancing of Innovation and Standardization; Reassessing and Balancing the Impact of Standards versus Regulations; Contextualizing Standards to Increase Understanding; and Sustaining Engagement - Keeping the Flow Going. Each panel will have 3 speakers and a moderator. There will be Q&A and discussion at the end of each session.  (There is a $375 SES fee for this day.)


For more information: contact Jeffrey Strauss, Buffett Institute, Northwestern University:


To register:
(for ICES August 10 and or WSC only, fill out the form on the first tab "Attendee Info" then select the second tab "Attendee selections" go to the box CLICK HERETO EXPAND - IFAN /ICES/WSC Member Registration, check  the box "IFAN/ICES/WSC General Sessions", then make selections).  

Hotel information:


1. ICES AGENDA AUGUST 10, 2017  (7:30 registration, continental breakfast)

8:15 Welcome

8:30 Defining standards skill requirements: government and industry perspective

Donggeun Choi (Korean Standards Association - on new APEC career path initiative)

Sandra Drechsler (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Alec McMillan (Rockwell Automation)

Fumihiro Nakayama  (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan), Toshiaki Kurokawa

Tim West (John Deere)


10:05 BREAK


10:20 Training and University Course/Program current and emerging examples and models (A)

Tom Smith (Michigan State University -standards and workforce development projects)

Steve Elliot (Purdue University -reviewing standards in engineering courses)

Manabu Eto (Hitotsubashi University), Kunimitsu Iwadare (Japan Standards Association)

Anne Layne-Farrar (NU Law - reviewing masters in science in law standards component)


11:50       LUNCH

12:35 Training and University Course/Program current and emerging examples and models (B)

Sunghyun Park - reviewing KSA courses geared to elementary to grad school and industry training

Don Purcell (School of Engineering, Catholic University - review of Engineering, Public Policy and Ethics programs, issues and opportunities)

Anne Wilcock (University of Guelph standards in business courses; National Academic Challenge)

Kenneth Balkey, ASME (Standards Infusion efforts - modules used in 20 engineering schools)



2:00 Literature and Research

Justus Baron (Searle Center on Law, Regulation, and Economic Growth, NU Pritzker School of Law; reporting on a range of research projects and on Searle Center data base);

Knut Blind (Technische Universität Berlin) - video presentation

Henk DeVries (Erasmus University incl. describing his new strategic management of standards book)



3:05 BREAK


3:20 A fun challenge - evolving a text- free standard

Tim West, Jeff Strauss (Northwestern Buffett Institute)


4:00 Pedagogy: cases, stories and simulations

Signe Annet te Bøgh (Danish Standards - various simulations)

Daniele Gerundino (ISO, ISO simulation)

Stephen Kwan (San Jose State University (competition, cases and IEEE MOOC)

Susan Tatiner/Jennifer McCain, IEEE (IEEE simulation)



5:25 News and updates (open)


WSC Academic Day - August 11, 2017 (draft agenda)







Mr. Ross Wraight , Chief Executive, Standards Group Limited (SGL), Past President and Board member of IFAN


Introduction to the theme, with views from IEC, ISO and ITU

How education about standardization can benefit from analysis, research and case studies highlighting the use of standards and their contribution to public welfare and organizations' performances.


ISO View

Mr. Daniele Gerundino, ISO Academy Director, and Academic Fellow, University of Geneva


IEC View

To be confirmed


ITU View

To be confirmed


Coffee Break



National Standards Bodies and other SDOs' perspective

Updates from NSBs and other SDOs re: activities aiming at demonstrating and communicating the benefits of standards (methods, analysis, case studies, sectoral initiatives, etc.) and their connection with universities, at research or education level



Mr. Daniel Masso Aguado, Head of Knowledge and Education, UNE (Spain)

Mr. Li Xuanqin,  Deputy Director General of General Office of SAC (China) (to be confirmed)

Ms. Komala Dewi Odjar Ratna, Deputy Chairman for Information & Promotion of Standardization, BSN (Indonesia) (to be confirmed),

Ms. Mojdeh Rowshan Tabari - Iranian National Standard Organization (ISIRI) (to be confirmed)

Representative from IEEE





University and stakeholder perspectives


- from universities, about research and education activities related to the benefits of standards

-       from stakeholders, about their views on the value of standards, on how information and knowledge in this area can be used by them and on specific needs that can be addressed in collaboration with SDOs and universities



Mr. Pang Zhenghu, Researcher of China National Institute of Standardization (to be confirmed),

Mr. Gu Xingquan, Associate Professor of China Jiliang University (to be confirmed)

Mr. Justus Baron, Searle Center on Law, Regulation, and Economic Growth, Northwestern University School of Law, USA


Mr. Ross Wraight , Chief Executive, Standards Group Limited (SGL) (to be confirmed)



Coffee Break




Discussion in plenary

Review of the main outcomes from the panel discussions







Where is Northwestern University (Prizker School of Law)?
(375 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, USA)

Where is The Drake Hotel?
(140 E Walton Pl, Chicago, IL 60611, USA)

About ICES:

ICES is an informal collaboration of individuals representing government, industry, academia, national and international standards bodies, and consortia. Its mission is to promote education about standardization, improve its quality and attractiveness for all stakeholders, and to stimulate and support dialogue and research. ICES is the only organization with international participation of academia as well as industry that has an exclusive focus on standards education. The collaboration is multi-regional (currently Americas, Europe, and Asia) and rotates annual meetings between regions. The need for international exchange on standards education reflects common concerns and challenges to standards setting such as technology convergence and new/emerging technologies; pressures to address climate change; the need for innovation; and globalization of markets, trade, and operations. Varying experience, processes, and the extent of attention in education between countries/regions offer potential models and value in research on the basis and significance for standards of differing contexts and variations in policies and practices required for local conditions. ICES is also concerned with the quality of education for standards professionals and how education keeps up with changing requirements. ICES engages and collaborates with many national and international organizations.


This may seem confusing and a lot to take in, Detailed agendas will be available very soon - If you might be interested, lets talk.

Jeff Strauss,
Chair of ICES 2017
Associate Director Northwestern University Buffett Institute for Global Studies



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