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ICES 2013 (Sophia‐Antipolis)

ETSI, 650, Route des Lucioles, Sophia‐Antipolis, FRANCE
12‐13 June 2013

Agenda & Programme (PDF)

Membership Meeting of the ICES - Draft Agenda, 13 June 2013 (PDF)

Unconfirmed Minutes of the 2012 ICES Meeting (PDF)

Summary Report about the ICES Conference and the WSC Academic Day 2013 (PDF) 

Call for Papers and Presentations

Industry Needs Standards.What Does Industry Expect from STANDARDS EDUCATION?

12-13 June 2013 at ETSI, Sophia Antipolis, France

Organized by the International Cooperation on Education about Standardization (ICES), Hosted by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)

Industrial stakeholders standardize to coordinate technology and market development. They aim at making markets as large and homogeneous as possible through standardization. Different industries have particular needs and have setup various Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) to develop the standards they need to develop their products and services to drive their businesses. These SDOs maintain different rules and cultures to draft specifications, to build consensus and to adopt standards.

ICT standardization is driven by network effects. The value of networked applications may grow exponentially in cases of formation of groups. In an increasingly connected world there will be more and more complex network effects. Moreover, ICT drives innovations in more and more sectors, making transportation, buildings, and energy grids smarter through distributed intelligence based on connectivity and processing power. More complex cross-sector eco-systems emerge.

At a time when innovation eco-systems are opening and knowledge is increasingly abundant the relevance of standardization will increase and more stakeholders will have to be involved in standardization, either as standards users or as standards makers. Education about standardization will be an important success factor to prepare future jobholders for the needs of emerging labor markets in industrialized countries, where economic growth depends on innovation.

Engineers and managers have to be aware and understand the relevance and role of standards and standardization. They have to have the knowledge and skills to utilize standards and standardization to be successful as employees or entrepreneurs, particularly in technology driven industries.

The 8th ICES conference aims at looking particularly at the industrial needs for education about standardization. The approach is to discuss why the industry needs standards and then to conclude on required standardization knowledge and skills for future engineers, managers, and standardization professionals.

ICES conferences bring together representatives of industries, standards organizations, academia and public authorities to foster the exchange of insights and views on all issues surrounding education about standardization, to raise awareness and improve its quality for all stakeholders.


Theoretical and empirical papers as well as case studies on education about standardization are welcome, in particular those related to the conference theme:

  • Objectives of standards
  • Future of standards/standardization
  • Evidence of company benefits of education about standardization
  • Company needs for education about standardization
  • Identification of skills for standardization experts/professionals
  • Job profiles related to standardization
  • Company wishes for the specific content of education about standardization
  • National strategies to stimulate education about standardization
  • National organizational structures and other measures to stimulate education about standardization

Other possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Design of standardization curricula
  • Evaluation of current courses (in particular fitness for use in industry)
  • Teaching methods (e.g., e-learning, games, simulations)
  • Role of trade associations in stimulating education about standardization
  • Role of standards bodies in stimulating education about standardization
  • Role of governments in stimulating education about standardization
  • Inclusion of standardization in final attainment levels
  • Recognition of level of education about standardization (certificates, diplomas)

Important Dates

Submissions due: 12 April
Feedback on papers due: 30 April
Final papers due: 31 May
Conference: 12-14 June

Paper Submissions

Original (unpublished) papers not exceeding 6,000 words are solicited. Maximum length of papers: 20 pages (line spacing 1.5). The first page should include the title of the paper and the name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s). No further format requirements.

Please submit papers to the Henk de Vries ( (Chairman of the Program Committee).

Sponsorship Opportunities

Different sponsorship packages are available to companies and organizations that would like to be visible at this event. Please contact

Conference Venue and Registration

ICES 2013 and WSC Academic Day will take place at ETSI headquarters, 650 route des Lucioles, 06921 Sophia Antipolis CEDEX, France.

ICES Board

Henk de Vries, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, the Netherlands (Chair)
Erik Puskar, National Institute of Standards & Technology, USA (Vice-chair)
Donggeun Choi, KSA, Korea (Vice-chair)

Former ICES Chairs

Mingshun Song, China Jiliang University, China (2012)
John Hill, The Pennsylvania State University, USA 2011)
Tineke Egyedi, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands (2010)
Toshiaki Kurokawa, independent consultant / Science and Technology Foresight Center, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP), Japan (2009), formerly CSK Holdings Corporation)

ICES Secretary

Sunghyun Park, Korean Standards Association (KSA), Korea

2013 Program Committee Members

Henk de Vries, Erasmus University, the Netherlands (Chair)
Knut Blind, Technical University Berlin, Germany and Erasmus University, the Netherlands
Bruce Harding, Purdue University, USA
Wilfried Hesser, Helmut-Schmidt University, Hamburg, Germany
Stephen Kwan, San José State University, USA
Masami Tanaka, Chairman of JSA, Japan
and ICES Board
and former ICES Chairs

Organizing Committee

Henk de Vries, Erasmus University, Netherlands, ICES
Hermann Brand, ETSI
Ashok Ganesh, CEN/CENELEC
Andrea Gulacsi, CEN/CENELEC
Ingrid Soetaert, CEN/CENELEC
Daniele Gerundino, ISO
Jack Sheldon (IEC)
Alessia Magliarditi, ITU

Local Organization and Enquiries

Please contact Hermann Brand and Marie-Noelle Girard at

Previous and Future ICES Workshops and Conferences

2006 Tokyo, Japan
2007 Delft, the Netherlands
2008 Gaithersburg, USA
2009 Tokyo, Japan
2010 Geneva, Switzerland
2011 Hangzhou, China
2012 Bali, Indonesia
2013 Sophia Antipolis, France
2014 North or South America
2015 Korea, Republic of (South)

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