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ICES 2014 Conference Presentations and Posters


Claude Y. Laporte, École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS), Canada
An Innovative Approach in Developing Standard Professionals by Involving Software Engineering Students in Implementing and Improving International Standards

Song Mingshun, China Jiliang University, China
Analysis of the Development Status of Standardization

Toshiaki Kurokawa, Design Thinking Research & Education, Japan
T-model for Education about Standardization (EaS)

Andrew L. Russell, College of Arts & Letters, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA
Standardization, the Humanities, and Design: Strategies for Student Engagement

H.J. de Vries, Associate Professor of Standardisation, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands
Building a Community of Standards Professionals

Donggeun Choi, Korean Standards Association, Korea
Proposed System of Definition and Classification of Standards

Bonnie Rose, President, Standards, CSA Group
More Fung than Frankenstein: The Making of a Standards Professional -Why it Matters and What We Should Do?

Lu Hao, Georgetown University
Perspective of Young Professional and Students

James Lepp, BlackBerry Limited Canada
Young Professionals Panel

Keith Jansa, Standards Council of Canada
Perspective as a Young Professional

Mark R. Ramlochan, ULC Standards
Perspectives of Young Professional and Students


The Paradox of Safety Standard Setting, Lu Hao, Georgetown University, USA

ASTM International, Providing a Pathway Between Experienced and Emerging Leaders, Jim Olshefsky, ASTM International, USA

Benchmarking Education about Standardization in the United Kingdom: A Study of Teaching Practice and Depth of Learning, Newell Hampson-Jones, British Standards Institution; Gill Whitney, Suzette Keith, Nallini Selvaraj, Middlesex University; and Martin Maguire, Colette Nicolle, Loughborough University, United Kingdom

Standards in Strategic Context: A Teaching Website, Jeffrey Strauss, Northwestern University, USA

Standards, Cool n' Fun: A Partnership Approach in Building Awareness of the Importance of Standards and Standardization, Nunu Wisnuaji, Director, ISTU Trisakti University, Indonesia