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The ICES 2019 Workshop & WSC Academic Day 2019

October 10-11, 2019

University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia


- The Education about Standardization for the Future

The World Standards Cooperation Academic Day 2019
- Demonstrating the economic, social and environmental benefits of International Standards

The ICES 2019 Workshop Topics:
 State or art in education about standardization - needs, competency requirements,
experiences, good-practices and teaching materials.
 Education about standardization for the future - needs, approaches and support.
 Roles of education about standardization in the era of 4th industrial revolution
 Addressing the new needs for education about standardization and standardization
professionals in Smart Society and Smart Technologies
 Roles of academic research in education about standardization
 Education on ICT standardization
 Other topics relevant for education about standardization.


The International Cooperation on Education about Standardization (ICES) is an international collaboration of individuals representing government, industry, academia, national and international standards bodies, and consortia that is dedicated to promoting education about standardization (including training for current and future standards professionals), improving its quality and attractiveness for all stakeholders, and stimulating dialogue and research. The collaboration benefits from the varying experience, processes, models and attention in education found in different global regions and considers the importance of dynamic and strategic, geographic, sector and teaching contexts in how standards are developed -indeed this is the focus of this year's program.