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ICES Conference 2017

WSC Academic Day 2017



Day 1 - ICES & SES Joint Day: 9 August 2017 (The Drake Hotel)
Day 2 - ICES Conference and Meeting: 10 August 2017 (Northwestern University)
Day 3 - WSC Academic Day: 11 August 2017 (Northwestern University)

*IFAN Annual Meeting: 8 August  (The Drake Hotel)
*SES Annual Conference: 6-10 August (The Drake Hotel)

This year the annual meeting of the International Cooperation for Education about Standardization (ICES) rotates back to the US - specifically Northwestern University's downtown Chicago campus(Law School). It will feature speakers from the US and several other countries representing industry, academia and Standards Development Organizations. Designed to stimulate active discussion, we will delve into standardization skill requirements and related research and pedagogy and will work through cases, course models, exercises and teaching/training games/simulations. But wait there's more! We will collaborate with the Society for Standards Professionals (SES) annual meeting as well as the annual meeting of the International Federation of Standards Users (IFAN) which will formally take place on August 8. So the first day of the ICES conference will be joint with SES August 9th at the Drake hotel in Chicago IL a short walk from the Northwestern downtown campus.


Dave Felinski from IFAN and Jeff Strauss representing ICES and the Northwestern University Buffett Institute will be giving brief opening remarks that day followed by four panels of speakers on topics of interest in the following areas; Session 4: Balancing of Innovation and Standardization, Session 5: Reassessing and Balancing the Impact of Standards versus Regulations, Session 6: Contextualizing Standards to Increase Understanding, Session 7: Sustaining Engagement - Keeping the Flow Going. Each panel will have 3 speakers and a moderator. There will be Q&A and discussion at the end of each session.  There is a $375 SES fee for this optional day.


The nominal 2nd day of ICES will be the next day (August 10) at the Northwestern University School of Law at 375 E. Chicago Avenue (approx. 5-10 minute walk from the Drake) from 8:30-5:30.. This meeting will build on the August 9 sessions though attendance on the 9th is not required. Thanks to sponsors, there is no charge but registration is limited. You may also wish to attend the annual World Standards Cooperation Academic Day (WSC- an alliance of IEC, ISO and ITU) which is in planning and expected to be at Northwestern August 11.

For more information and to register for the ICES August 10 and/or WSC Academic Day August 11, contact Jeff Strauss;


Where is Northwestern University (Prizker School of Law)?
(375 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, USA)

Where is The Drake Hotel?
(140 E Walton Pl, Chicago, IL 60611, USA)

About ICES:

ICES is an informal collaboration of individuals representing government, industry, academia, national and international standards bodies, and consortia. Its mission is to promote education about standardization, improve its quality and attractiveness for all stakeholders, and to stimulate and support dialogue and research. ICES is the only organization with international participation of academia as well as industry that has an exclusive focus on standards education. The collaboration is multi-regional (currently Americas, Europe, and Asia) and rotates annual meetings between regions. The need for international exchange on standards education reflects common concerns and challenges to standards setting such as technology convergence and new/emerging technologies; pressures to address climate change; the need for innovation; and globalization of markets, trade, and operations. Varying experience, processes, and the extent of attention in education between countries/regions offer potential models and value in research on the basis and significance for standards of differing contexts and variations in policies and practices required for local conditions. ICES is also concerned with the quality of education for standards professionals and how education keeps up with changing requirements. ICES engages and collaborates with many national and international organizations.


This may seem confusing and a lot to take in, Detailed agendas will be available very soon - If you might be interested, lets talk.

Jeff Strauss,
Chair of ICES 2017
Associate Director Northwestern University Buffett Institute for Global Studies



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